Info for Newbies

Information for New Nudists

You probably imagine that you’ll feel self-conscious or uncomfortable being undressed around other people. You will be surprised at just how much discomfort you put up with in most clothing.

Things You Need to Know as a Naturist:

  • Always sit on a towel while nude, wherever you go.
  • Please do not stare at anyone or make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Just have fun and don’t be so uptight about what you do or don’t look like. Everyone is beautiful here.
  • Watch the Brisbane sun. It feels great on your body but bring sunscreen. (Our outside areas have large sun sails for shade).
  • Behaviour and language that disrespects a person is not tolerated.
  • Public sexual behaviour or sexual advances will not be tolerated.
  • Remember clothing free means you are usually nude unless the weather or circumstances means its not practical to do so.

FAQ's for Newbies

No, please do not wear your bra, panties or boxers around the retreat. We suggest you wear a wrap or sarong until you feel comfortable, or if the weather is a little chilly.

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, thongs/sandals. Towels are provided for guests. (It is proper etiquette to ALWAYS use a towel to sit or lounge on.) In winter months, a robe may be comfortable in the evenings.

Please discuss with Chris or Dot immediately. At Inspired Nudist Stay, we take your concerns seriously and any guest will be warned or asked to leave immediately. I think you will find that our guest are very friendly and polite. People make lifelong friendships here.

You will quickly discover that people really do come in all shapes and sizes and that all of us, as far as our bodies are concerned, have nothing to hide. Nudists respect each others individuality regardless of size, shape or body condition. In fact, our own self esteem is enhanced by our ability to accept ourselves as we really are.

We have guests of all ages but our average age is 35-65.

People normally expect to be clothes free unless the situation or weather conditions determine otherwise.

You can wear a wrap anytime you get up to walk around if that makes you feel more comfortable but you may soon feel that it is more comfortable not wearing anything because that is the norm.

Most of the women don’t stress about it. Some poeple cut the string short so it does not show.

Most men are worried about this. Getting excited is very rare because the resort provides a place for relaxation. On the rare occasion that this does occur, just simply cover up with a towel, turn over or take a quick dip in the pool.

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